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The Foundation



Our mission is to support Lamar State College Orange's educational mission and activities and foster the growth of the campus through property acquisition, raising funds for scholarships, distributing scholarship funds to students through LSC-O according to donor designations, managing endowments, and maintaining and repairing the Brown Estate

The Foundation was originally formed by Ron Borel, Bob Montane and H.D. Pate. Because Lamar University had an established foundation, the Montane and Pate wanted to form one to help the Orange Campus. It started with a $50,000 donation to Lamar Orange which had been entrusted to the Beaumont Foundation in 1971. The Beaumont Foundation transferred the donation to the Orange Foundation in 1983 and as used to start the foundation. Meeting in the library of the Brown Estate, the original board members included: Ron Borel, Bobby Houseman, Anne Quigley, Corky Harmon, and Jack Smith. Their spirit of community and scholarship continues today in the Lamar State College-Orange Foundation. 


The success of Lamar State College-Orange Foundation's service to Southeast Texas is due entirely to the support of our partners, their monetary investment in the next generation of leaders, and their commitment to the future of our communities. Thank you!

Sherry Hommel


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